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Creative Resources

There are so many ways we can use our creativity to explore the 52 Virtues. Listed here are some ideas that you can use. Some of these ideas are from the 52 Virtues team, some are from friends, teachers and some are from the children themselves. If you have any creative ideas to share we'd love to hear from you. You can send us your ideas here.

When creating artworks for a 52 Virtues Project, we have a couple of restrictions. This is because we are creating digital images of the artworks to create a screen saver. So we need artworks that we can easily scan, or at least photograph easily.

This is the best format to make it easy to show the artworks at their best:

  • A4 sized paper so we can scan the artworks on our flat bed scanner
  • Landscape shaped paper rather than portrait shaped (ie, wider than it is high) becasue this is the shape of most computer screens
  • Bright colours as these show up best on computer screens

Talking about the virtues

Creating artworks:

Below are a few ideas you can use when creating artworks with your children that explore the 52 virtues. Why not use these ideas as a starting place and use your own creativity to expand on them? Just click on a technique below to get more detail.

crayon resist




zoom in


printmaking screenprinting, collographs


computer generated