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52 Virtues in 52 Countries in 52 Days

You can help spread the virtues throughout the world - and be part of our huge challenge.

We hope to be able to launch our first 52 Virtues Project in June 2007. This should give us time to help the hundreds of children who are taking part to create their beautiful artworks.

52 "Virtues of The Week"

When we launch we will create a series of emails. An email will be sent out each week with the Virtue Of The Week, which will feature a child's artwork on that virtue - and thoughts by children on what that virtue means to them. A whole year of inspiration - for free!

52 Virtues in 52 Countries in 52 Days!

Our challenge is to have people from 52 different countries subscribe to the 52 "Virtues of The Week" in 52 days from launch! Can we do it? Join our mailing list by signing up in the orange box to the left, and you can be one of the first people to subscribe. You can also encourage your friends to join the challenge (and pay forward the gift of the virtues) by clicking on the "Pay it Forward" link to the left.