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About Us

The "52 Virtues Project" is an initiative of Niche Partners Pty Ltd. Niche Partners is an Australian company based in Kincumber, NSW which is an hour or two north of Sydney near the beach. You can find out more about Niche Partners here but briefly we are a boutique Internet marketing company and our mission is to be involved in projects that make the world a better place to live.

Why the 52 Virtues?

Janet Beckers

Doug Beckers

Niche Parters was founded by Douglas and Janet Beckers. That's us to the left! We have 2 gorgeous children, Phoebe and Clancy.

Like every parent we found our children came without an instruction manual but we wanted them to grow up happy, healthy and with the confidence that they could become the best that they can be.

So we set about looking for an instruction manual!

We found The Family Virtues Guide and have used it as a wonderful resource to help raise our children. When the children are faced with a key learning moment (you know, when they witness bullying at school, hurt someone, are hurt themselves, argue about cleaning their room, take on a challenge that scares them...) we often turn to The Family Virtues Guide to help them understand what is happening and to make good decisions

Why 52 Virtues in 52 Countries in 52 Days?

Because of our skills in Internet Marketing, we have the ability to impact on a lot of people. We wanted to do something that used our skills to send positive thoughts to people - and what better way than through the thoughts of children?

Initially, this was going to be a family project, with our children creating artworks on their favourite virtues. As we started telling friends our plans they all wanted their children to have the opportunity to be involved. So, true to our natures, we thought BIG! So the 52 Virtues Project was born.