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You'll be inspired every day...

... and inspire those you care about, with The 52 Virtues Screensaver.

52 Virtues Screensaver

Share the presentation that is touching so many -- a world-wide phenomenon! This precious gift is now yours to enjoy and share.

Windows compatible only
Easy installation!
A wonderful gift!
Price: $9.95 USD (plus postage)

Mac compatible coming soon (patience is a virtue)


20% of every screensaver CD you buy goes back to the school which created it. You will be helping to provide education resources for years to come.

Our Guarantee: If this Screensaver CD does not live up to your expectations, please return the CD to us within 30 days and we will refund your money.

~ Click here to see some of the virtues in the online screensaver presentation. ~

Discover a peaceful escape from the every-day world, and find hope in uncertain times. The presentation that is touching so many, is now yours to enjoy every day, right on your computer.

This inspiring screen saver features the original artworks & thoughts created by children as the interpret what the 52 Virtues mean to them. Their uplifting and often insightful artworks will warm your heart again and again.

The 52 Virtues Screensaver will help you keep the feeling... always.