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Virtues Resources

The creators of The Virtues Project have developed some fantastic resources over the last decade.

They are all available to buy from www.virtuesproject.com

We have listed a description of the resources we have used here. We will also be adding other resources that we find really usefu. If there are any books, CDs etc that you would like to see here, please let us know.

The Virtues Project Educator's Guide:
Simple Ways to Create a Culture of Character

by Linda Kavelin-Popov

This is the book we have based the 52 Virtues Project on. You don't have to be a teacher to use this book. We have found it an excellent resource as parents. Below is the description given on www.virtuesproject.com

Designed primarily for counsellors, teachers, caregivers and youth leaders, this is a guide to creating cultures of caring and integrity in our schools, day care centres, and youth programs. It contains a chapter on each of the five strategies of The Virtues Project with methods, examples, and character awakening activities and practices for Grades K - 12.

It includes:
- 52 Virtues honored by all cultures and traditions as
"the best within us"
- Success stories and sample activities from around the world
- The "Virtue of the week" Program
- 10 Guidelines for School-Wide Discipline based on Restorative Justice
- Tips for the Transformation of Bullying Behavior
- Innovative methods for Peer Mentoring

The Family Virtues Guide:
Simple Ways to Bring out the Best
in our Children and Ourselves

by Linda Kavelin-Popov with Dan Popov, Ph. D. and John Kavelin

We love this book. This is the original publication by the founders of The Virtues Project. This is the book we have used with our children and the book that inspired the "52 Virtues Project". Below is the description given on www.virtuesproject.com

This book is intended for parents and children to use together to nurture togetherness. The first section includes five simple strategies for raising children to live meaningful lives and to develop the virtues of their character. The second section contains 52 virtues, one for each week of the year, describing each virtue in simple terms, giving role play situations, how to practice it, and signs of success. It will engage family members of all ages in an exciting process of growth and discovery.

This book shows you how to:
- Learn the language of integrity and self-esteem
- Understand the five roles parents' play
- Discover ways to introduce sacred time into family life
- Help children to make moral choices